Our Values


Nai. is a non government organization dedicated to reducing the traumatic impact of war on Syrian children through music.

NAI stands for flute in Arabic. It is our symbol for the idea that music has an excellent power for mutual understanding of nations and for personal development. With our support we would like to help traumatized children to overcome their painful experience. In helping children also our life becomes more enriched and colorful.

Young people have a huge potential. They are eager for knowledge, want to learn and discover the world.

We want to convey the children: “you are valuable, you have a future in this world, you can design this world, we believe in you and in your unique skills.”

We focus to support the children understanding that they have the power to contribute to a peacefull and better life.

Cross-cultural exchange

Our long-term objective is to enable a cross-cultural exchange between local and refugee children. We understand our work as a contribution to a mutual understanding of nations and a peaceful encounter of different cultures through music.

Self-portrayal of Nai. as PDF (in German ony) >>