About us

The situation in the refugee camps in the Bekaa Valey in Libanon ist disastrous. People live mostly in tents, with inadequate clothing, especially in the cold and wet winter months. It is a constant struggle for survival, with all the negative consequences such as prostitution, child labor and forms of slavery. The children – about 40 per cent of the Syrian population is under 15 years of age – have hardly had any lessons since their arrival in these camps.

Not only the external life makes the lives of these young people unbearable, but also the monotonous life in the camp without any perspective, or change. Nothing is there to help them getting over the terrifying experiences of war and escape, the loss of close relatives, friends and home.

For that particularly reason, the foundation Nai. was created. It’s goal is conveying positive experiences to children and young people through musical projects. Singing and making music are valuable means, which give children inner stability so they can withstand stress, improve their creativity and self-confidence and bring joy to life.