Project Partner

Many thanks to all our partners, without them the implementation of our projects would have never been possible.

Primamaterialogo Primamateria supported us in carrying out one of the first projects in Lebanon with the music therapist Deborah Parker.
Sonbola    Sonbola is our main partner in the Bekaa Valey in Lebanon.
It is an NGO with the purpose of providing alternative quality learning for refugee Children.
As part of its program, the Sonbola Children’s Choir was founded.
FAYHA_LOGO    Barkev Taslakian founder and Director of Fayha Choir, with his team is leading the Sonbola Children’s Choir.


   Many thanks to Michael Ojo and his team from the RAP group “Hinterland” for working with unaccompanied minor refugees in Linz and helping them create and record their own songs.


   The NGO Volkshilfe was also our partner in the RAP Workshop. They provided us the location, equipment and coordinated the weekly music meeting.


   Sounds of Change is a NGO in the Nederlands, founded by the musician Lucas Dols. Together with a team of musicians and music therapeuts he supports teachers to use music in their classes. Sounds of Change our partner for teacher music training in Jordan.