Former Projects

RAP in Linz
The Band Hinterland gives Rap workshop for unaccompanied minors refugees


The number of unaccompanied minors making their way alone to Europe increased enormously in 2015. How can we support this group of young people? How can we help them express themselves in a new country?
Through the cooperation with the NGO Volkshilfe and the Upper Austrian hip-hop band Hinterland arose a wonderful opportunity. Michael Ojo and his partners started a Rap workshop, giving a group of teenagers every two weeks music lessons in ‘Rap’.

The workshop lasted six months in which at the end teenagers mostly from Afghanistan learned how to write their own story, their own song, sing it, and ended up recording it in a studio. You can listen to their song here

Psycho-social support through Music
A help for teachers of Syrian refugee children in Libanon


A cooperation with ‚Associazione Prima Materia in Italy (

The music therapist Deborah Parker provided Syrian teachers and social workers at the Bekaa valey with training in music therapy. The training aimed at giving them the basis in psychosocial care and education in music. Musical skills such as listening, moving, dancing, singing, and creativity have been developed.

The training lasted 12 months and ended mid-October 2015.

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