We are committed to ensure,

  • that the teachers who are trained by our partner organizations come from Syria. This guarantees that the musical legacy of the Syrian culture flows in the work with the children. And thus it is passed on to the next generation and the roots in this culture remain tangible.
  • that our educational contribution enables an anchoring in society. ermöglicht.
  • that we are well connected locally and work with reliable local and international partners. This allows for a stable development of our projects.


Music Projects in Lebanese Refugee Camps

Sonbola Childern’s Choir

Together with our Lebanese partner NGO “Sonbola” we have founded in 2014 the Sonbola Childern’s Choir in the Bekaa valley. In 2015 the choir successfully performed already with it’s first concerts. Under the direction of Barkev Taslakian and the members of his Fayha-Choir the children attend a weekly choir rehersal. The experience shows that the regular music training gives the children a fix orientation in their daily life, it teaches the children a respectful interaction with each other, they learn disciplin. The music also offers the children to express what is difficult to say in words. The music is their inner light, it is a counterbalance to the suffered traumata. In addition to this, the music performace provides a recognition to the children which they experience from the community where they live. They become “important” in the community. Their enthusiasm infects other childeren in the refugee camps also to start singing.

Music Therapy Prima Materia
With your donation we finance the activities of music therapists from the Prima Materia Association ( under the leadership of Deborah Parker. The goal is to enable children to overcome their traumatic experiences with various music therapy services.

Music Lessons and Concert Performance by Fayha Choirr
The project goal is a big concert appearance with Syrian refugee children and the renowned Lebanese conductors Barkev Taslakian / Fayha Choir ( in summer 2015. (

The repertoire of songs primarily consists of culturally important and traditional Syrian songs, children’s songs, and pieces about peace, also including songs in English and French.