Benefit Concert „Vom Virginal zum Piano” on May, 14th at Ebelsberg Palace

Ebelsberg Palace south of Linz was the venue for the Mother’s Day Benefit Concert which took place in a wonderful mood setting – with a candle lit staircase – and occasion appropriate chamber music. We were treated to Virginal, Viola da Gamba, and after interval, piano. The audience of approximately 50 people was moved by the Virginal performance of Carsten Lorenz (College of Music Trossingen and Private University of Music Vienna). Particularly beautiful were the personal moments shared by our Deputy Representative, Reiner Steinweg, on Viola da Gamba, and our Representative, Dana Mufti and her son Amr Hamwi on piano.
The interval gave us the opportunity to taste Syrian delicacies and also to further inform ourselves about the Nai Society. The 90 year old Master of the Castle, Baron v. Kast, indicated in his address that he was quite impressed.

Many thanks to all who contributed out front and also all those behind the scenes.

Many thanks of course also to all visitors and all those who couldn’t make it to the Concert. The proceeds from the door takings and the donations of the evening permit the funding of six months of Choir training and Choir performance participation of 15 children. Our support is more necessary than ever.