Current Projects

Currently we support a project in the Bakaa Valley in Libanon.

Sonbola Children Choir
Supporting Syrian refugee children in Libanon

[2014 – …

14705901_878256288976132_2950762363388285184_nThrough donation, more than 700 children were able to receive music lessons once a week for three months in several Bekaa camps during the summer months.

At the beginning of November 2014, the project creating a children’s choir began with our partner Sonbola an NGO for lifelong learning (
Approx. 100 children traveled once a week from their camps to attend choir lessons, conducted by Barkev Taslakian and his team of the famous Fayha choir. Fayha choir has made a name for itself not only in Arab countries, but also in many European countries. The choir has been awarded many prices one of which was best choir with the best conductor in 2007 at the International Choir Festival in Warsaw (

A year later, Sonbola Choir gave an outstanding performance in the Bekaa Valey, at the Safadi Cultural centre in Triopli and at the American University in Beirut.
The choir was also supported by the famous singer Oumeima Al-Khalil and her husband, pianist and composer Hani Siblini.
How important this project has become for the children is shown in the following video >>

Information about former projects can be found here.